28th April 2017

Cold afternoon
Accosted by a nutcase—
Offensive beggar.

What is up with beggars these days? You don't want tot ell them to fuck off, and you're not allowed to shoot 'em, so the indigent will inherit the Earth.
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Glass Eye

14th April 2017

I'm still posting here
But sometimes I feel sort of
Lonely as a cloud.

I wonder what'll happen to the old community as people flee LiveJournal.
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31st March 2017

Central heating thing,
Why do you taunt me with your
Feeping creatureism?

Why doesn't the stupid control just have a thermostat and be done with it? No, it has to have separate settings for each day, and for some reason I can't get the damn central heating just to try to keep the house at a given temperature because of that. Now, a haiku that needs that much explanation is probably way outside the bounds of the form, but I'm so annoyed with this device there was only this way of expressing it—or a rant on Facebook, I suppose.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find an online definition of 'feeping creatureism'. The term is a Spoonerism of 'creeping featureism', the idea of putting more and more features into something for the sole purpose of putting more features in it.
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